A local and organic farm project at the heart of Tuscany, Italy

Il Cerro di Montebello

Help us to perpetuate an ancestral culinary tradition and preserve the age-old presence of Cinta Senese pig in Tuscany

A wonderful project for the Summer of 2019

PErpetuate a Centuries-old local tradition by opening it up to the world

Il Cerro Di Montebello is the dream project of a Tuscan peasant family, the Cannoni. They aim to expand their herd of 70 pigs of an old and rare breed, to develop an organic farm, and to sell farm products directly.

Together let’s develop a local brand of exceptional finesse and quality, with top-of-the-range agricultural environmentally-friendly products

To the project's origins

A family story

Above all, Il Cerro Di Montebello is the story of the family of Marco Cannoni, a farmer and breeder since time immemorial, part of the long Tuscan tradition of the travelling butcher called “norcino”. 

Following Marco, his wife Manuela and their daughter Giuditta joined the adventure. Together, they created the organic farm Soggiorno Taverna and the Cinta Senese pig breeding in 2006. However, to develop their livestock, their resources are limited. Around them a few people mobilized, touched by the authenticity of the project…..

Meet and Join Our Team

Marco C.

As a land worker since the very beginning, he perpetuates the long tradition of Tuscan pork butchers on his own farm.

Manuela C.

Her long experience as an exceptional cook gives her a wide knowledge of the farm's products.

Giuditta C.

Youngest daughter of the Cannoni family, specialized in plant biology, trilingual and graduated in Natural Sciences, she has a solid experience in the management of an agricultural farm.

Melana K.

As an accountant and manager of a financing consulting firm, she was affected by the project and undertook to insure part of the funds.

Yun J.I.

As a family friend, he puts his multiple skills at the service of all marketing aspects of the project, from website creation to sales strategies.

Discover our project

How much and how to set everything up ?

1rst stage : Installation in Tuscany

We have found the ideal place

Close to the magnificent and very touristic abbey of San Galgano and on the road between Siena and the sea, the Montebello area is ideally located.

2nd stage : Development of our farm

Expand our livestock and safeguard a local breed

It is thanks to farmers like Marco Cannoni that you can meet this rare species in Italy even today!

 Threatened with extinction until the beginning of our century, The “Cinta Senese” pigs were saved by local breeders concerned to protect this environmental, cultural and gastronomic heritage.

Our goal :


3rd stage : open sales outlet and develop e-commerce

Receive our products labelled Organic Farming and PDO at home

You can taste our organic and local products directly at our selling points in Siena.

For those who can’t come the way, have them delivered to you !

We are developing an e-commerce website to put on sale in 6 months products such as :




Our products will be certified both organic and PDO "Cinta Senese".


The data and images are taken from the Rapporto 2018 ISMEA-QUALIVITA sulle produzioni agroalimentari e vitivinicole italiane DOP, IGP e STG

Convinced already? We need your help there !

We are currently raising funds from individuals to finance our project. We have already raised €100,000 and are collecting the remaining funds through a crowdfunding campaign. Do you want to be part of it?

A Pronto !

100,000 have been raised already ! 50%

Any Questions ? contact us to cerro.montebello@gmail.com or +336 82 09 05 35